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Aquario Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel

Jove Aquatech, has more than 15 years of experience in the water treatment and storage industry. Our company has continuously strived to introduce new products for water treatment industry. We are the only manufacturer in India where you will find the entire range of SS water treatment Components under one roof such as stainless steel Vessels, Membrane housings, Filter Cartridge housings under the brand name AQUARIO and SS Storage Tanks under the brand name KLAR.

At our company, we have always adopted the latest technology to help us in offering the latest products to our customers. Our company is philosophy is not just to make a product but to make the right product. Hence, raw material standards and quality is of prime importance to us.

Our Value Proposition is to provide extremely high quality SS Components at competitive prices. We have a pan India customer base and we are also exporting to neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka and Nepal.

We are vertically integrated company as we are manufacturing as well as selling products ourselves only. Our total production is done in-house. This helps us immensely in controlling quality of our products and reducing lead time of delivering our products to the customer.

We boast of a very elite customer base which include India’s top water treatment OEMs .It is our privilege to keep adding constantly to our vast customer base which includes more than 200 companies.We will be proud to have you as the latest addition to our growing family.


We have 3 manufacturing establishments in Delhi to cater to various needs for our clients.

Advanced Technology

We have an automated plant for Vessel and Tank manufacturing using latest automatic TIG welding.

Expert Engineering

We use computer aided simulation of our components to guarantee you desired results.

Delivery On time

We ensure on time delivery to our customers through our efficient manufacturing process.








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